Breaking Down the Benefits of Cold Exposure

April 4, 2022
We’ve taken the top four claims made by cold thermo enthusiasts, examined the research, summarized the key findings and shared our takeaways. Ready to dive in? Ok…Let’s go! Cold Exposure...

Wim Hof Method

April 1, 2022


April 1, 2022
Psychogenix is proud to be the only CVAC Pod™ provider offering services to injured workers! It’s our belief that the therapies elite athletes use to improve performance can empower our...


March 25, 2018
Laser therapy is when laser light is tuned to specific wavelengths and frequencies and applied to an organism in order to stimulate…

How To Measure & Track Mindfulness

March 25, 2018
In their excellent book “The Science Of Meditation”, authors Dan Goleman and Richie Davidson review the research evidence that meditation (and in particular mindfulness) can create changes – both state...