Therese 2017

My experience here for physical therapy and counseling has been helpful with my back and ability to do more in a steady manner. I like the ability to mediate as the devices help my body feel more in alignment for the ability to walk and bend over without losing my balance which causes me to stay standing without falling. My use of the Physical therapy helps me stay focused and I can pay attention to things that I am not able to do like before but can do now so I don’t feel like a total loss. The Cvac is one of my favorite therapeutic devices. The Balancer pro helps my circulation and I enjoy the occasional use of the sauna room for relaxing my muscles and healing. The laser device on my shoulder and lower neck help when I am in more extreme pain. I occasionally like to use the Vasper bike as it helps me with the physical setting to exercise my legs and back without having to be bent over the walker I use when walking any type of distance. My physical therapy her is helpful to not feel as much of a burden on others at times and being able to work some of my activities here to help me develop the ability to function.